Virtualization Managed Solutions

CORPORATE [IT] SOLUTIONS works with the industry leading virtualization manufacturers to support our customer’s efforts in virtualizing their server infrastructure. Our engineering teams hold the highest level of certifications to ensure the success of Implementation, Configuration and Management of a Virtual Environment. Organizations of all sizes are rapidly adopting virtualization and achieving significant benefits in a number or areas. In particular, companies are reducing the time spent on routine IT administrative tasks, providing high availability of services and line of business applications to the organization, minimize data lose, control hardware life cycle management and enable backup, recovery and disaster recovery needs. We find that there are very few organizations, regardless of size, that are not taking advantage of the virtualization technologies in today’s market place. Virtualization is not just for the Fortune 500 companies anymore.

Introduction to Virtualization

Dell PowerEdge Servers  – Supporting Virtualization

Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge Servers